Self-Discovery with Holy Land Tours


in addition to the meaningful holy land tours, a journey through the American
continent sounds appealing, there are quite a number of places to visit.  You
may start out with Machu Pichu, 60 miles from Cusco, Peru.  Sitting amidst
breathtaking nature, its ambience is truly inspirational.  The Temple of Three
Windows alone will boggle your mind.  As you witness it, you’ll begin to wonder
how a primitive culture could have created such an elaborate edification.


may also include Chimayo, New Mexico, where believers of the Christian faith
congregate every Good Friday to pray.  At this quaint church made totally of Adobe,
pilgrims come to have their miracles answered.  Its floor is said to contain
sands that possess curative qualities.  The walls are covered with thank you
notes from individuals who’ve received healing. 


ancient times, pilgrims on holy land tours prepared for their travels with
prayer and fasting.  Today, there are many ways by which you can prepare for a
spiritual trip.  First, take time to research your destination.  Find out about
its folklore and customs.  Know why you’re going on this journey.  And when you
arrive at the location you’ve chosen, open your mind.  Absorb the energy of the
place, and lose your way.  As poets say, this way, you’ll find yourself.