New Discoveries Now Included In Holy Land Tours

Discoveries Now Included In Holy Land Toursמסור-אנכי


will dispute the fact that travel is one of the most rewarding leisurely
pursuits.  While many consider it the ideal way to meet people from all around
the globe, others see it as the perfect way to witness some of the most amazing
sites on earth.


why holy land tours have become truly popular.  In addition, travel agencies
have created unique packages to bring the best of the Middle East and its Holy
sites to visitors.  The more recent excursions have begun including Hirbet
Midras, an amazing destination in the Judean Hills of Israel.  In this location, a group of tomb raiders uncovered what’s believed to be a 1,500
year old Byzantine architecture church. 


have not been allowed to get too close as the find is fairly recent.  However,
tour guides will point out the beautiful and well-preserved mosaic floor with
sketches of different animals including foxes and lions.  Beneath the rock
formations, they explain, are a series of tunnels which were apparently used by
the Jews to fight the Romans in the 2nd century A.D.     


fantastic location included in new holy land tours is Tel Dan.  It’s situated
on the northern section of the Galilee and it’s a perfect place to enjoy
history and nature.  Amidst its 120 acres of lush flora and an impressive
selection of flowers sits the Dan Spring, which descends from the slopes of Mt. Hermon and rushes into the Sea of Galilee.  Nature enthusiasts will find the many
springs and varied fish quite appealing.  And archaeological buffs will find
the site interesting as they’ll have the opportunity to see “the High Place”
constructed in 930 BC.  On a clear day, you’ll have magnificent vistas of Lebanon.  Continuing on, you’ll reach the Dan, a famous place during the period of the First Temple.  There, you’ll witness the Canaanite gate, so ancient that historians surmise
that Abraham may have even walked through it. 


you can see, holy land tours are more than just a journey.  What makes them even
more appealing to travelers is that these generally include the services of a
guide; but not just any guide, someone who’ll offer you an enriching experience
with his or her knowledge of history and religion.  In addition to Israel, holy land tours will take you to exciting places like Turkey and Jordan.  So book one now.